Coordinated domestic and foreign energy policy and enhanced energy diplomacy will help to meet the current challenges facing Ukraine and the world.

“Ukraine’s geographical location makes it not only an integral part of the European and Euro-Atlantic security systems but also an important energy hub in the region,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba stated.

In addition, Kuleba noted that energy is directly linked with foreign policy, security of our state, and citizens. Russia uses energy resources as a weapon, influences energy partnerships of which Ukraine is a part, implements energy projects that run counter to the interests of our state, and increases the dependence of European states on the Kremlin’s policy, the minister underscored.

“Russia’s hybrid aggression against Europe, which is waged in particular in the energy sector, requires increased readiness of the diplomatic corps and coordination of actions of all players in the energy space of the state. It is important to adhere to the policy of unanimous decision among all stakeholders,” he added.

The minister called for the joint efforts of all agencies and companies and a reasonable combination of energy and diplomacy, noting that the global energy and climate challenges are becoming more acute and require coordinated action within the country and at the international level.

“Overcoming modern challenges is beyond the capabilities of individual, even the most developed states. Responding to these threats requires broad international cooperation,” the minister stressed.

Kuleba pointed out the importance of Ukraine’s integration into regional and global energy markets, infrastructure development, and the formation of new and expansion of existing geopolitical alliances to promote national interests.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stressed that due to the strengthening of energy diplomacy, Ukraine would play an active role in the global energy and climate dialogue, and would be able to expand access to financial and analytical resources, international financial instruments, and investments.

Natalia Tolub

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