EU Concerned About Deployment of Modern Russian Radar Station in Donbas

Sheling Donbass army

The European Union is concerned about the fact that the OSCE SMM revealed a modern Russian radar station, 51U6 Kasta-2E1, which is used in the Russian Armed Forces, in the occupied Donbas.

“The EU is concerned to take note of the fact that the SMM revealed a 51U6 Kasta-2E1 radar station near the non-government-controlled village of Buhaivka for the first time on 15 February. It is a state-of-the-art weapon used by the Russian Federation, raising questions about how it got into Ukraine and why it is deployed in the areas not controlled by the Government of Ukraine,” the European Union underscored in a statement read out during the OSCE Permanent Council meeting.

In addition, the EU pointed out the deterioration of the security situation in Donbas, which led to casualties among the Ukrainian military.

“The number of aimed attacks grows and the use of snipers increases, resulting in new casualties among Ukrainian servicepersons. There are also alarming reports on recurrent outbreaks of ceasefire violations near the Donetsk Filtration Station and other infrastructure facilities. We call on both sides to do everything possible to maintain the ceasefire and, once again, call on the Russian Federation to use its great influence on the armed formations it backs to ensure full compliance with the ceasefire,” the EU said.

Natalia Tolub

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