Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba called on the European Union not to delay the development and implementation of the 9th sanctions package against Russia and, in particular, to pay special attention to sanctions that slow down and stop Russia’s missile industry.

“The issue of adopting the 9th EU sanctions package is long overdue. But there is still no package. Moreover, we hear only of efforts to begin making serious efforts to prepare it. Such a situation is absolutely unacceptable. I call on my colleagues in the EU – both in the European Commission and among the EU Member States – to put aside any doubts or, as some like to put it, ‘fatigue,’ and to start and quickly complete the 9th sanctions package,” Kuleba said.

He called for special attention to be paid to sanctions that slow down and stop the Russian missile industry.

Russia’s ability to produce new missiles must simply be destroyed, so that they don’t have additional resources for killing Ukrainians, destroying Ukrainian cities and the energy system,” the diplomat stressed.

Ukraine’s top diplomat emphasised that the sanctions really work and weaken the Russian military machine. They should be intensified as long as Russian aggression continues. Ukraine insists on the need for a full energy embargo, the extension of the oil embargo to cover the northern branch of the Druzhba gas pipeline, and a ban on the import of liquefied gas from Russia. Threats to Zaporizhzhia NPP safety due to the Russian occupation and attempts to seize the plant also require a tough response. Ukraine calls for sanctions against Rosatom and suspension of Russia’s powers at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“A separate topic is the prohibition of Russian propaganda. Under the current circumstances, it is suicide to allow any Russian propaganda to continue operating in the EU. It has nothing to do with media freedom. Russian television 24/7 calls for the genocide of Ukrainians, and its offices in EU countries incite enmity and hatred, undermining European democracy. Russian state propaganda in the EU and other countries must be completely banned,” the minister underscored.

Kuleba also called for the expansion of individual sanctions and the inclusion of all those involved in illegal actions at the ZNPP on the sanction list. Ukraine already imposed such restrictions at the national level and submitted its list to the EU.

According to the minister, this is not an exhaustive list of sanctions priorities but only the main ones. Ukraine sent partners detailed proposals for new restrictions in all sectors: technology, finance, transport, services, import restrictions, real estate transactions, and elimination of loopholes for circumventing sanctions.

“We expect that the embargo on Russian crude oil and oil products imports will come into effect on 5 December and 5 February, strengthened by the establishment of oil and oil products cap prices. The clear implementation of these measures without any exceptions will significantly reduce Russia’s ability to finance the war. We convey this information to the EU side and insist that the 9th package should be stronger than the previous ones and be adopted soon,” Kuleba summed up.

Natalia Tolub

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