On the 26th of October, during the EU Council, we are gathering near EEAS to demand complete economic and political isolation for #Russia!

We have to strengthen sanctions against Russia and stay United to the Ukrainian victory!

Our key message is that the EU, as Ukraine’s main partner, should make a decision to follow a sound military strategy instead of escalation management.

The EU should make a decision that Ukraine should not just not fall but get a victory, and Russia has to be ultimately defeated.

Ukraine needs weapons: faster deliveries and increased production capacities!

Ukraine and the world need stronger sanctions against Russia: lower oil prices, and a ban on ALL oil and gas products (including LNG, LPG, pipeline fuels).

On 26 October, we will gather in front of the EU Council during the EU Council!

WHERE: Brussels, Rue de la Loi 232/234 (near EEAS) 

WHEN: 26 October at 10:00 a.m.

Europe can not ignore all these Russian terrorist acts against Ukraine!

Join & support Ukraine!

Slava Ukraini!

Promote Ukraine Team

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