Eugene Yenin: The ring around Russia is shrinking

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is in the final stage of agreeing on a memorandum to be submitted to the Arbitration Tribunal in the case of Russia’s seizure of Ukrainian servicemen and ships in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. This was announced by Deputy Foreign Minister Yevhen Yenin.

“It’s not just a text, it’s evidence, it’s the testimony of our sailors, it’s the results of certain examinations that form the basis of our claims, it’s guarantees of termination of criminal proceedings against our sailors, whom the Russian side had no right to prosecute, of course, it’s the issue of compensation, both material and moral, “the official said.

According to the schedule, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine must submit documents to the Arbitration by May 24.

As for the case of the Boeing plane MH17 shot down in the sky over Donbas, the Foreign Ministry believes that quick solutions should not be expected here.

“Sentences should be waited for at least a few years. Such processes do not happen quickly. In addition, the speed should not harm quality. As we fully understand all the risks of further appealing the relevant decisions to the European Court of Human Rights, we need quality. Our goal is to bring the Russian Federation and its top leadership to justice for violations of international law, for the annexation of Crimea, for military intervention in the Donbas, including the downing of the Malaysian Boeing, – said the Deputy Minister.

He also stressed that the factor of the inevitability of punishment is important, and this is what is at stake, and the ring around Russia is gradually shrinking.

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