The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) stands in solidarity with Ukraine and joins the European Parliament’s “civil society hub” initiative for Ukraine, allowing the NGO Promote Ukraine to use part of its premises at rue de Trèves 74.

EESC president Christa Schweng said, “We open our doors to Ukrainian organised civil society, which is part of our European family. We stand with Ukraine and its people, and are turning our solidarity into concrete action. Together, we stand united to defend our shared values: freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

Civil society coordinator Natalia Melnyk noted, “24 February changed our lives. Not for the better. I hope that in these premises we will be able to do more to support Ukrainians. This hub is open for all Europeans who want to support Ukraine.”

Marta Barandiy, chair of NGO Promote Ukraine, said, “The European institutions have given us the space to speak. Now, we receive the space to work. A space to cooperate with European civil society.”

Source: European Economic and Social Committee

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