The European Commission has promised to involve Ukraine in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline certification process when the decision of the German regulator BNetzA arrives in Brussels.

“A decision was made that Ukraine will be invited to the Nord Stream 2 certification when this issue reaches the European Commission. This is the official stance we have been informed about. That is, we will participate directly in the assessment of the certification currently taking place in Germany,” Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko said during his visit to Belgium.

Nord Stream 2’s certification process is currently on hold as Germany’s Federal Network Agency BNetzA is waiting for Gazprom-controlled Swiss Nord Stream 2 AG to set up a subsidiary in Germany. This new company will have to become a gas pipeline operator.

Meanwhile, German Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck told Der Spiegel in an interview that Russia would be left without compensation for Nord Stream 2 if the German regulator declared the pipeline inconsistent with EU standards.

“Now, the Federal Network Agency has suspended the certification procedure. If it is renewed, its purpose will be to determine whether the certification conditions meet German and European regulations. If this is not the case, no compensation will be provided,” he said.

Habeck also pointed out the geopolitical nature of this project, noting that Ukraine becomes unnecessary as a transit country due to Nord Stream 2.

The minister also acknowledged the fact of Germany’s heavy dependence on Russian gas and called one of his tasks to reduce this dependence, in particular through the diversification of fuel supplies.

Bohdan Marusyak

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