Expert Modeling of Solution of the Russian and Ukrainian Conflict

To win the war with Russia, Ukraine must initiate an international coalition to investigate Russian war crimes in Ukraine, Syria and other countries. Lviv Security Forum presented a report on expert modeling of the Russian and Ukrainian conflict.

During four meetings, 19 Ukrainian and foreign experts analysed the Russian and Ukrainian conflict using brainstorming techniques and group discussions.

Their goal was to develop a model for resolving the conflict to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty in the territories temporarily occupied by Russia, as well as in the Crimea. And also to formulate safeguards against further aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the future.

In addition, the experts had the aim to test the ability of the measures that are on the agenda today, to analyse the risks of implementing or ignoring the “peace plans” proposed today. And also to offer realistic alternative scenarios based on a detailed analysis of current and possible new factors.

Read the full version of the report.

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