I.F. Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presented the bookInterpretation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in Western scientific and expert-analytical works.

The authors analyzed more than a thousand scientific and analytical works on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, published in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and Poland in 2014-2019.

The book includes the following studies:

  1. Analyzing the analytics: about the principles of research of Western scientific and expert-analytical publications on the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian conflictVolodymyr Kulyk.
  2. Mixed support: American scientific-expert discourse on the conflict in Ukraine and around UkraineVolodymyr Kulyk.
  3. Between abstract theory and practical politics: a look at the Ukrainian-Russian conflict in British scientific and expert publicationsMykola Ryabchuk.
  4. Ukraine as a circumstance: a discursive analysis of the naming and framing of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in German scientific and analytical circlesKateryna Zarembo, Marianna Fakhurdinova.
  5. Eternal return to “eternal Russia”: challenges of the “Ukrainian crisis” for the French intellectual discourseNadiya Koval.
  6. The policy of the “double track”: Italian ambivalence in the conceptualization of the Russian-Ukrainian conflictKateryna Zarembo.
  7. Thucydides in the collective farm of animals: the Greek approach to the Ukrainian-Russian conflictNadiya Koval.
  8. Unity in diversity: Polish researchers on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and the war in DonbasMykola Ryabchuk.
  9. An alternative reality of Kremlin propaganda: the conflict “in Ukraine” in Russian political, media, and scientific discourseSvitlana Nabok.
  10. Distinguishing between diversity: common and different in Western views on the “Ukrainian crisis”Volodymyr Kulyk.

During the presentation, the authors discussed what Western scholars and analysts call the conflict in eastern Ukraine; by means of which political, historical or cultural arguments this or that framing of the conflict is carried out; what policy recommendations do Western experts give to their politicians.

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