Facebook Cannot Prevent Russian Interference in the US Election


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said during a Senate hearing that the social network could not prevent the Russian Federation from interfering in the US presidential election.

This was reported by Bloomberg.

“We cannot stop countries like Russia from interfering in the elections. But we have created systems that make it possible to detect cases much faster when they make attempts,” Zuckerberg said.

He also added that only the government has the tools to combat foreign interference.

Meanwhile, it became known that the American social networks YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are imposing restrictions on access to materials of about two dozen Russian propaganda resources. In particular, this applies to popular Russian media – TASS, RIANovosti, Russia Today, Sputnik and Rossiya-1.

According to Roskomnadzor, the agency sent “proposals for appropriate measures in cases of censorship” to the State Duma of Russia.

It should be recalled that Russian resources TASS, RIA Novosti, Russia Today, Sputnik and Rossiya-1 are media outlets that receive generous funding from the Russian budget. Most often, they act as a repeater of the Kremlin’s position on geopolitics and economics, including an aggressive policy toward Ukraine.

Bohdan Marusyak

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