Seven former US Ambassadors to Ukraine have issued a joint statement in support of Ukrainian-American cooperation.

The statement was published on the Atlantic Council website.

The statement said relations between the two countries had long enjoyed broad bilateral support in the United States, particularly in Congress, and from both Republican and Democratic presidents.

“We have worked for years to build and strengthen the US-Ukraine strategic partnership, established in 1996. That is why we are struck by attempts to involve Ukraine in domestic political processes in America in the context of the upcoming 2020 US presidential election. These efforts contribute to a false and toxic narrative that has no basis in reality for US-Ukrainian relations in order to weaken US-Ukraine relations and divide the two countries. This is not in the interests of any of the countries,” the statement said.

Diplomats therefore strongly condemned the efforts “that want to divide our countries” and called on “officials in both countries to work together to prevent steps that would only damage our bilateral relations and distance our countries from each other”.

The statement was signed by Roman Popadyuk, Stephen Pifer, Carlos Pascual, John Herbst, William Taylor, John Tefft, and Marie Jovanovich.

We will remind, on May 19 the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach released audio recordings which, according to him, can testify to influence of the former vice-president of the USA Joseph Biden on the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Because of these records, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case of treason against Poroshenko.

At Biden’s headquarters, the audio recordings were called an edited “bagel hole”.

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