As part of the Ukraine Street campaign, streets in the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania, Norway, Canada, Hungary, Estonia, Sweden, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, and the USA were renamed. In six of these countries – the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Albania, Norway, and Canada – the “Ukrainian” names were given to streets and squares in which diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation are located.

USA – In New York, the corner of Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue was re-named Ukrainian Way.

Czech Republic – In Prague, the street on which the Russian Embassy is located was re-named Ukrainian Heroes Street.

France –In Cannes, one of the city squares was renamed in honour of Taras Shevchenko.

Luxembourg – Highway No. 3 will be named in honour of the Ukrainian capital – Kyiv Boulevard.

Poland – In Gdańsk, near the Russian Consulate General, the Heroic Mariupol Park was opened.

Sweden – In Stockholm, a part of Marieberg Park near the Russian Embassy will be called the Place of Free Ukraine.

Iceland – In Reykjavik, the square near the Russian Embassy was named after Kyiv as a sign of support for the Ukrainian people.

Lithuania – In Vilnius, the street where the Russian Embassy is located was re-named Heroes of Ukraine Street.

Latvia – In Riga, the street where the Russian embassy is located was re-named Ukraine’s Independence Street.

Albania –In Tirana, the street where the embassies of the Russian Federation and Ukraine are located was re-named Free Ukraine Street.

Norway – The square in Frogner was re-named Ukraine Square.

Canada – In Ottawa, the street where the Russian Embassy is located was re-named Free Ukraine Street.

Hungary – The Budapest metro station “Bajza Street” was temporarily re-named “Ukraine station.”

Estonia – In Tallinn, one of the city’s squares was re-named Ukraine Square.

Photo: Regional Directorate of Territorial Defense Forces “South”

Natalia Tolub

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