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Fundraising to Help Ukrainian Children’s Folk Group ‘Oreli’

Children group Oreli from Ukraine

At this difficult time for Ukraine, the folk group “Oreli” is working to preserve and spread traditional Ukrainian culture. The children have not stopped rehearsals as the rehearsals became their safety and stability zone amid the turbulent wartime.

Children group Oreli from Ukraine

At this difficult for Ukraine time, folk group Oreli is working to preserve and spread traditional Ukrainian culture. Kids did not stop their rehearsals, as they became their zone of safety and stability in turbulent war time.

The Ivan Honchar Museum is organising a cultural trip of the children’s folk group “Oreli” to Sweden to participate in the children’s and youth folk school and festival, aiming to present Ukrainian culture and provide the Ukrainian children with a possibility of respite from hostilities.

The event organisers cover living expenses of the children and young people during the festivals in Sweden. But we still need to raise funds for transport costs (bus and ferry) totalling UAH 292,000 (EUR 8,000).

Trip goal:

  • presentation of Ukrainian traditional culture (song, dance, instrumental music) in Sweden
  • acquaintance with Swedish traditions, study of experience of children’s traditional summer schools
  • rehabilitation of children of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions after the war in Ukraine


1) Ethno Sweden 2022 (30 June-8 July, Rättviksskolan)

2) Leksands Musikverkstad 2022 (1-2 July, Leksands)

3) Stämmoveckan 2022 (1-10 July)

The program will include acquaintance with local traditions, master classes on Ukrainian traditional dances, performances by groups, visits to local museums of traditional culture, traditional clothing masters, old farms, joint rehearsals, and communication with children and youth in Sweden.

We desperately need your support to raise the required amount! Please donate money to Ukrainian children.

Link to fundraising:

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