Ukrainian veterans participated in international sports competitions in Brussels, including the Games of Heroes volunteer project that brought together military personnel with amputations and a team of NATO representatives on one site.

Iryna Ivanova spoke about people with fierce endurance and desire for life in a news story on the United News National Telethon.

Pull-ups, rowing, throwing a ball, jumps with push-ups. These are classic exercises from functional training called crossfit. Service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, participants in the Games of Heroes volunteer project, came to Brussels to compete in it. These are adaptive athletes, i.e., people who had severe injuries or amputations. In the non-adaptive team, the majority are NATO representatives. Everyone competes in their category.

Yevhen Koval, the initiator and founder of the Games of Heroes, says that the project took a long time to become international. These competitions in Brussels are the first since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion. They were organised by the joint efforts of several NGOs in partnership with the North Atlantic Alliance.

Games of Heroes

veral NGOs in partnership with the North Atlantic Alliance.

Games of Heroes

Yevhen Koval, founder of the Games of Heroes project:

Having NATO support, having different teams from different countries, our veterans, our current service members, can receive and exchange experiences, feel brotherly help, brotherly compassion, and even do different tasks together – workouts, it inspires them to move on and do sports

Vasyl Kushmuns, Vice-President of the Promote Ukraine organisation:

It is a great honour for us to have such an opportunity to help veterans so that they feel like family even in Brussels, or even in any other country, in another place.

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Promote Ukraine Team

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