Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) intercepted conversations between Russian servicemen discussing the killings of civilians in Bucha. As Der Spiegel informs, some of the radio conversations are related to the bodies of people who were documented on specific streets of the town.

BND announced its findings in the parliament hall on Wednesday, 6 April.

In one of the radio reports, a soldier said that he and his fellow servicemen shot a man on a bicycle. In another report, a man said, “First, you interrogate people and then shoot them.”

The German intelligence report also mentions that mercenaries from Russian private military companies, such as the Wagner Group, were significantly involved in the atrocities.

German intelligence says the killings of civilians in Bucha are part of the usual practice of the Russian military, possibly part of a clear strategy. The goal is to sow fear and terror among the civilian population and suppress resistance.

It follows from the interceptions that similar killings could have taken place in other localities occupied by Russian troops, in particular on the outskirts of Mariupol.

All these wiretaps completely refute Russia’s allegations that the images from Bucha are fake.

The day before, the Mariupol City Council reported that Russian mobile crematoriums had started working in the partially occupied city. Following the widespread international coverage of the Bucha massacre, Russia’s top leadership ordered destruction of any evidence of crimes committed by its army. Tens of thousands of civilians could fall victim to the occupiers in Mariupol.

Bohdan Marusyak

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