Great initiative!

When the war started, like the majority of Ukrainians who live abroad, I didn’t know how to help. I felt numb. Learning that my little niece had fled to Poland for safety broke my heart.
I taught 12 American singers Ukrainian so they could sing her favorite song for all the refugee children. I want them to feel the support and know that the day they can hold their family members again will come soon. Please watch, share and donate! Thank you to everyone that participated in this project!
Arjana Danylets, Sarah Sawchuk, Pavati Rock, Jessica Tarnish, Brent Klusak, Zhanna Martynenko, Eima Valys, Vadim Titov .Special thanks to Ivan Danylets, Veera Vares, Irin Zadorozhna and Ulyana… Ещё

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