During a special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine, a transnational criminal group was neutralised in Kyiv. The wrongdoers forged the IDs of the OSCE diplomatic monitoring mission.

They sold fake documents to their clients, inter alia, people from countries with an increased terrorist threat, including those from the Middle East. Foreigners used “IDs” to avoid border and customs procedures under the guise of members of the diplomatic mission.

According to preliminary data, hundreds of illegal migrants applied for the “services” of criminals. Having “diplomatic” immunity, they planned to illegally cross the borders of different countries.

It was established that the group included several residents of the capital. To disguise the illegal activity, they registered two NGOs and created a “departmental” website with names similar to the official designations of the diplomatic mission.

The criminals sold a fake ID for EUR 1,500.

Law enforcement officers detained one of the group’s organisers in Kyiv while handing over a fake ID to a foreigner.

During searches at the places of residence of dealers, as well as the places of production and storage of forged documents, the officers found:

  • Computer equipment, means of communication, and draft records with evidence of illegal actions
  • Forged IDs and seals of “NGOs”

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, charges will soon be brought against the criminals and the court will rule on pre-trial restrictions for them.

Within the criminal proceedings under Art. 190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, pre-trial investigation is underway to establish all circumstances of illegal activities.

Natalia Tolub

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