The Association of Suppliers of Retail Chains has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Economic Development for the free transfer of expired food products. Or the sale of such products for feed to livestock producers.

Current legislation provides for the disposal of such products. It is paid and performed by specialized organizations. And some products are processed by manufacturers if it is safe and allowed.

But in practice, most of the products that remain after the expiration date are not disposed of, but reused, or dumped in landfills and dumps. In particular, this year we saw for the first time the products thrown away by farmers due to the impossibility of their sale, as the markets were closed.

It is now proposed to allow the transfer of food to zoos and animal shelters free of charge. Today, under current tax law, a retailer, or a company that wants to transfer products to animal rights activists, must pay income tax on the entire amount of these products. And this prevents many Ukrainians from becoming philanthropists. The changes will allow enough to get enough food for everyone who deals with animals.

The second direction is animal feed. After all, modern technology allows you to turn everything that a person has not eaten into pig feed. This will help business, as Ukraine is an exporter of pork and lard.

At the online meeting, which took place at the Ministry of Economic Development, no significant remarks were made against the idea either by trade networks or by profile associations. The proposal may be included in the draft Law “About the Trade in Food Products”.

Natalia Tolub

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