A new stage of negotiations on the plane crash of Ukrainian International Airlines near Tehran starts in Iran today. This was reported by the Iranian service of Radio Liberty.

In particular, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Mohsen Baharvand will meet with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevgheniy Yenin and the Ukrainian delegation.

Three technical meetings are scheduled for this round of negotiations. “One of these meetings concerns technical discussions to be held by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization. The second session is about judicial issues conducted by Iranian judicial officials, and the other is about legal issues and the amount of compensation,” Baharvand said.

In addition, general negotiations with the participation of the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Iran should also be held, which will summarise the preliminary results of the working groups.

It should be recalled that a Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing-737, en route from Tehran to Kyiv, was shot down on the night of 8 January 2020. There were 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board, all of whom died.

Iran initially claimed that the crash was caused by technical problems, but later admitted that the plane was shot down by the military “due to human error.”

Natalia Tolub

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