While preparing the special edition of Brussels Ukraїna Review, our team has been in contact with many security experts in Ukraine and the EU. The majority of them have written articles or given comments for our journal.

All the opinions and data we received are signs of Russia moving forward with its plans to create a reborn Soviet Union. And war on Ukraine is a step in that direction. But there has been alarming information about Russian plans that needs special attention: the new law on “Immediate burial of corpses in wartime and peacetime.”

On top of that, a very credible source in Ukraine expressed serious concerns that the FSB has been identifying Ukrainian activists – patriots who are capable of obstructing the Kremlin’s plans, and once the invasion happens, “filtration camps” will be set up all over the occupied area. If we do not do anything about it and just let it happen, the Kremlin will have no mercy on Ukrainians as Russia has no mercy on its own citizens who do not support the Kremlin.

Last week’s “genocide-rhetoric” of Vladimir Putin can be considered as a sign of preparing an official “excuse” for the invasion to save “Russians” – Ukrainian citizens in Donbas, who were given Russian passports by the Kremlin recently. “I have to say that Russophobia is a first step towards genocide. You and I know what is happening in Donbas. It certainly looks like genocide,” said Russian president on Thursday.

All signs add up, they get louder and the need for reaction becomes urgent. For the sake of European security, all concerned must unite forces to curb the attack that is about to happen.

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