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It Is Difficult to Recover from Terrible Atrocities We Are Witnessing in Liberated Territories of Kharkiv Region

It is difficult for all of us to recover from the terrible atrocities, the genocide of Ukrainians, which we are witnessing in the liberated territories of the Kharkiv region.

Mass burials in Izyum… And the exhumation of the bodies, which will continue for at least another two weeks, shows that almost all the buried are people who have undergone terrible torture: broken arms, fingers, bones…

We have all seen the hand of a tortured Ukrainian with a yellow-blue bracelet. This is a genocide of Ukrainians‼️ We cannot be silent and leave it unpunished, hushed up‼️

We suggest you take a photo of your hand with a yellow-blue bracelet and post this photo next to the hand of the tortured person from Izyum.
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