It is the 103rd day of the war. Our team is fighting on all fronts, informational, economic, political, cultural.
And at the same time, we continue to help our army in the most necessary direction on the battle front, where our brave soldiers, at the cost of their lives, protect the most valuable thing that we have, our freedom.
It is also your merit, each donor who sent at least one euro. Thanks to you, we can continue to save the lives and health of our fathers, brothers, sons and husbands.
Together, we are strong; together, we will conquer death and survive to see again those whom we love.
We sent the guys ballistic helmets that will protect them from bullets and shrapnel, as well as tactical headphones that will save them from shell shock. In the photo that the guys sent us, you can see what is happening there and why it is so important to protect them.
The war continues. We have no right to surrender. Continue to help, be brave like these guys.
Every time when you receive your salary, remember those who protect us and make donations for them.

You can donate via the link



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