Kharkiv Terrorist Attack Victim Would Turn 22 Years Today

Didik Danylo

Danylo Didik, a patriot of Ukraine and activist from Kharkiv, would have celebrated his birthday on 27 April if he had not died during the terrorist attack on 22 February 2015. On that day, the 15-year-old boy was marching in a column with 5,000 FC Metalist and FC Dnipro fans within “For United Ukraine” action that marked, among other things, the reconciliation and unity of football fan groups.

“Three more march participants — Mykola Melnychuk, 18, Vadym Rybalchenko, 37, Ihor Tolmachev, 52, were killed in blast of a mine planted by Russian-backed terrorists,” Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Sofiya Fedyna posted on Facebook.

She also noted that she would seek to name a school, where Danylo studied, after him. And the memory of Didik memory will be “an example of patriotism, sincerity that inspires us all.”

Bohdan Marusyak

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