“The coronavirus crisis in Ukraine returns Vitaliy Klitschko to a political orbit” – such an article was published in Handelsblatt. Due to the fact that Klitschko proved to be a good crisis manager during the coronavirus pandemic and the “Chornobyl fires”, as well as due to his presence on social networks, especially in TikTok, the mayor of Kyiv is becoming popular again, so much so that he could win again in the mayoral election in late October or even “box up”, meaning the presidential race.

In previous reviews, we mentioned that the Italian press equated China’s response to the spread of the coronavirus with the Soviet Union’s response to the Chornobyl explosion in 1986. This week, Donald Trump’s adviser, Robert O’Brien, also made a similar comparison. “In 10 or 15 years, we’ll see an HBO series on the subject,” he told NBC.

“Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, now a member of parliament, was summoned to the State Bureau of Investigation for “urgent interrogation” in a case involving the smuggling of 43 valuable paintings from Ukraine,” Euractiv writes. “Such a report came a few days after the country’s Prosecutor General’s Office, accusing treason, launched a criminal investigation against the former president on the basis of tapes released early last week. Former Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka claims that there are no grounds for prosecuting Poroshenko. He added that “proceedings for crimes in the economic sphere, where serious convincing evidence could be collected, would be more promising.”

“Ukraine is getting into trouble with the US elections,” Pavlo Fedykovych wrote in Euractiv. By casting a shadow over Biden, taking Trump’s side in the American election, Ukraine could lose a friend if the Biden wins. In addition to the United States, Ukraine has “managed” to quarrel with other allies: Georgia over Saakashvili’s political appointment as Zelensky’s “top adviser” and Bulgaria over the administrative division of the part of the Bulgarian minority populated Odesa region.

“The Ukrainian ambassador is outraged by the former chancellor’s remarks” – this is the title of a video message from the German resource Welt, which is about an exchange of remarks between Gerhard Schroeder and Andriy Melnyk after the former allowed himself an incorrect cut on the ambassador. The video quotes Melnyk as saying that Schroeder will go down in world history as a cynical Kremlin lobbyist justifying Russia’s war crimes in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. The author of the video recalls that Schroeder chairs the supervisory board of Rosneft, which is subject to EU sanctions.

German Stern wrote that Nord Stream 2 will be completed, despite the fact that the United States, Ukraine, and several EU countries are opposed to the construction of the pipeline.

Another piece of negative news came out in a number of Dutch, Austrian and German media outlets, they concerned a drunk man who shot seven people with a hunting rifle.

Among the positive news is the article by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Italy, published by La Repubblica – Venerdi, were after last week’s negative article about Markiv, Ukraine’s position in this case got its coverage.

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