Due to the Russian Federation’s blockade of coal imports from Kazakhstan, Ukraine is in fact in a state of energy war with Russia. This was stated by Maxim Nemchynov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

He added that Russia not only forbids railway cars with coal to travel to Ukraine, but also constantly reduces the ordered capacity for gas transit. Everything is being done to shake up the situation in Ukraine and provoke a large-scale energy crisis.

“That means, they are doing everything to make us feel this crisis even more,” Nemchynov said.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities are taking enough measures to prevent Russia from leading Ukraine into an even bigger energy war.

It should be recalled that in late October, the Russian Federation announced the suspension of the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine. These are the varieties that are used in thermal power plants. Ukrainian companies planned to import more than half a million tonnes of coal in November. Officially, Moscow explained such actions by the fact that the demand for this type of energy resource seems to have increased in the domestic market.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine assured that the country has enough coal reserves for the winter period.

Bohdan Marusyak

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