Ukraine has received a significant amount of weapons from partners, but it is still not enough. Ukrainian defenders urgently need heavy weapons, including multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), fighter jets, and anti-aircraft defence systems.

“We have already received, bought on the market, manufactured and handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine a significant number of weapons. These numbers would have been enough for a victorious defence operation against any army in Europe. But not against ussia… That is why we emphasise: Ukraine desperately needs heavy weapons, and very fast,” Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov posted on Facebook.

According to the minister, Ukraine’s current weapons needs are as follows:

  • to obtain a significant amount of NATO-type MLRS units with ammo;
  • to ensure complete replacement of some existing Soviet-type calibers (worn guns, shells not produced or scarce) with platforms that are common in NATO countries and equipped with ammo;
  • to agree with partners regarding the transition from supplies of separate platforms to integral organic units immediately ready for combat. This will significantly boost efficiency on the battlefield;
  • to ensure the supply of hundreds of heavy armoured vehicles, without which effective counterattack is impossible Soviet equipment is mostly obsolete and needs to be prepared for combat. Meanwhile, we are receiving only light armour from partners, not necessarily with weapons;
  • to obtain fighter jets, anti-aircraft, and missile defence systems to protect our skies.

“I cannot say that I am satisfied with the tempo and quantity of weapon supplies. Absolutely not.

But at the same time, I am extremely grateful to the countries that support us. In particular, to the Unites States of America, the United Kingdom, Poland and our Baltic friends. And to all other states that help repel Russian evil,” Reznikov stressed.

He also said that the Ukrainian military were undergoing training with the weapons already obtained. With some types of weapons, training began in March.

The minister also noted that Polish self-propelled artillery units AHS Krab were ready to carry out combat missions at the front. This is the 5th type of 155 mm artillery Ukraine managed to obtain to defend itself.

Bohdan Marusyak

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