Last night’s massive missile attack on Ukraine soil by Russian forces resulted in numerous casualties and wreckage.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirmed that overnight, more than 60 drones and nearly 90 missile strikes occurred. As a result of the overnight massive attack by the Russian federation forces on the territory of Ukraine, five civilians were killed and 26 people were injured, according to the National Ukranian Police. It has been noted that in addition to human losses, more than 100 buildings, including energy infrastructure objects, were destroyed.

The head of UkrEnergo emphasised the immense scale of damage to the power supply system compared to previous attacks. Dozens of main power grid facilities were hit, leading to widespread power outages in various regions. The most challenging situation arose in Kharkiv, where the Russian army attempted to destroy the city’s main energy facilities.

At the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station, eight missiles were fired, causing significant damage. However, Ukrainian rescuers assured that the situation was under control. Additionally, during the attack on the DniproHES dam, a trolley bus with passengers was hit by a missile, resulting in a fire and human casualties.

Russia continues to build up its military potential for further terrorist attacks! Europe must act now and stand up against this terrorist state! We need support as soon as possible and sufficient military aid to keep on saving lives and achieving victory

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