Lately, we have had so many firsts. Here is another one to share and be proud of.

Promote Ukraine, in collaboration with Diageo, organised a two-day workshop (25-16 April 2022) for Ukrainian refugees – “Learning for Life: An Introduction to Belgian Hospitality.”

The program included workshops and guidance for Ukrainian refugees interested in finding a job in the hospitality or events sector. Our guest speakers provided practical information on what the hospitality industry is like in Belgium, the types of jobs available, how a person can go about seeking a job and trainings, as well as hands-on barista, bartender, and waitressing workshops. The program also included individual coaching sessions on writing a CV and practicing interview skills.

At the end of the program, the participants had a clear understanding of the Belgian hospitality culture and the next steps to find a training or job in the HORECA sector. Several of them already have serious job leads! We received very satisfactory feedback from the participants and hope to continue this program in the future.

We would like to thank each speaker and facilitator, including the owners of Refoodgees restaurant, BOUCHE Coffee coffeeshop, Edgar’s Flavors cocktail bar as well as representatives of Fédération Horeca Bruxelles / Brussel and Horeca Forma. The biggest thank you goes to DIAGEO and the Keep It Quiet team who provided us with this wonderful opportunity and helped bringing this project to life.

And of course, we want to thank all volunteers of Promote Ukraine who contributed to this event in one way or another. We wouldn’t be able to do it all without you!



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