A Latin Z – a simplified runic symbol of Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook), which was the emblem of the 4th SS Police Armoured Grenadier Division – became the symbol of Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine. The Russians gladly picked up this symbol, placing it on their cars and T-shirts. Moscow’s “Ministry of Truth,” RoskomnadZor, embedded this sign into its title. And in Kazan, the orcs took ill children out of a hospice into the street to line them up in a Z shape in support of the aggressive war.

Putin’s orcs invaded Ukraine to “denazify” Ukrainians. In Moscow’s newspeak, this means the total annihilation of Ukrainians as a nation. And this is not the first time: Moscow tsars wanted to destroy us, then Hitler, then Moscow rulers again… According to Nikita Khrushchev, Stalin did not send Ukrainians to Siberia on the heels of Crimean Tatars’ just because there were too many of us left after World War II.

And now, a descendant of Yezhov and Beria and a faithful disciple of Hitler once again undertook to “finally settle” the Ukrainian issue. Louisiana governor Huey Long (prototype of a character in All the King’s Men novel by Penn Warren) once said that “fascists of the future will call themselves antifascists.” This phrase is about Putin. You just have to listen to what he twaddles about Russia without borders, about the oppression of Russians and Russian speakers abroad, about the collapse of the empire, and about getting up from his knees to realise that Putin is a real fascist – a fascist in his actions, ambitions, “thoughts and the use of words.”

RuSSia has already become an Orthodox Reich with the motto: “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” (one people, one empire, one leader). Similar, isn’t it? So, it’s enough telling the world about the great Russian culture, the motherland of Tolstoy with Dostoevsky and Rachmaninoff with Shostakovich. The world already saw the homeland of Goethe, Schiller, and Beethoven becoming a Nazi nest and the population supporting the criminal government, although not all Germans liked it. Now, the Kremlin fascists are attacking civilisation and democracy.

I hope that the Moscow Reich will end up in the same place as the Nazi Reich. And those who took part in the crimes and those who remained silent – will get what they deserve.

Oleksandr Matsuka, diplomat, former UN Secretariat officer, Chief of the UN Security Council Secretariat (2012-2016)

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