20-year-old Lyudmyla, a Kharkiv University’s student, can’t enter the controlled territory of Ukraine already for three months. The girl needs to pass the state and external exams to continue her studies for a master’s degree. The student has the permission of the Joint Forces Operation Commander and an invitation from the educational institution, but illegal armed groups do not let anyone in and out. We do not publish the photo of the girl for reasons for her safety. Because its publication could lead to the arrest of a Ukrainian woman within the occupied territories.

“The power here does not make any concessions. Even patients cannot go for treatment, as in the ghetto. They need to have surgeries, but they are not allowed! They are explained that the quarantine continues, ” the girl told the SICH Human Rights Group.

Nevertheless, the way to the Russian Federation territory is completely open. “Residents of the occupied Donetsk region can get to Ukraine through Russia,” said a Ukrainian. “But such a ‘service’ costs at least $ 400 and is too risky.”

At the same time, checkpoints in Luhansk region already work at full capacity. Around two hundred people cross the demarcation line through the “Stanytsia Luhanska” checkpoint daily.

“I can’t even leave through the Luhansk region, because I have to get a permit and then go through 14 days of self-isolation. We can get such permits only for money, ” the girl complains.

Inna appealed to the international organizations and official Ukrainian authorities, but they just waved their hands. The Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine has expressed concern regarding the situation in the Donetsk region, where the occupation administration has deprived citizens of the opportunity to receive quality medical care and education. That violates all international humanitarian legislation norms.

“This is a direct violation of international law because the occupation authorities have to provide proper education in cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities. Article 50 of the Fourth Geneva Convention stated this, – Julia Polekhina, a lawyer of the of the UHHRU Public Reception based on PG “SICH”, commented.

International legislation also prohibits any discrimination of internally displaced persons who have the same rights and freedoms as other citizens in the country. In its turn, Ukraine is to make all the efforts to protect the uncontrolled territories inhabitants. The European Court of Human Rights practice shows that even the occupation of territories does not release the state from the responsibility.

Taking into account the situation in the Donetsk region, the Kharkiv University administration has met the student’s halfway and allowed Inna to take the state exams remotely. However, the girl still needs to visit Kharkiv for external independent evaluation. Otherwise, she will lose a whole year of study.

The occupiers do not let even to attend the funeral

Today, the Donetsk region uncontrolled party refuses to allow citizens to pass the border, referring to the quarantine rules. Yuriy Lysyuk, the Head of Border Control Organization Department of the State Border Guard Agency announced this.

“On June 10, according to the Joint Forces Operation Commander decision, two checkpoints were opened – the “Stanytsia Luhanska” in the Luhansk region and “Marinka” in the Donetsk region. During this period (since the quarantine beginning), the contiguous zone let 26 people out from the Marinka checkpoint and 644 people from the “Stanytsia Luhanska” checkpoint, ” he said.

Lysyuk noted that just two days – Wednesday and Saturday- are set for the border crossing by citizens in “Stanytsia Luhanska”, which is possible only the pre-agreed lists. “If these lists do not contain a citizen, the passing does not happen, even for humanitarian purposes – funerals, treatment, relatives visit,” – Lysyuk says.

The occupiers have blocked the humanitarian corridors work in fact, the United Forces press service stressed. Four women stayed all night long in front of the occupiers’ checkpoint the other day.

“Through the social and humanitarian problems, they need to get to their homes indeed. The women, explaining their reasons, hoped to reach the Russian Federation armed forces representatives. Yet, neither pleas nor requests yielded results, and the occupiers smiled brazenly at all the arguments. After suffering all night long in front of the aggressor’s checkpoint, three citizens had to return. Another woman had to be evacuated by the International Committee of the Red Cross staff through her bad health status,” the press service said.

Olga Volynska

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