If there is invasion of wider Europe, everything else leaders negotiate about, will not matter, explains Promote Ukraine founder Marta Barandiy. The only thing that matters is time. In terms of WWII timing, we are in 1941: two years into the war. This war is a race. While Russia builds its capacity to bomb Ukraine, it freezes Europe’s decision-making. Aid to Ukraine was frozen for almost two months. Meanwhile, more Ukrainian civilians lost lives. It is our common war; therefore, today we called on European leaders to unblock aid! Eventually, the aid was unblocked. Grateful to 26 countries for convincing the 27th one!

Next steps: ban Russian LNG, ban Russian aluminium, ban Lukoil, confiscate Russian assets in favour of Ukraine! And much more – whatever is needed for the victory!

The next demonstration: 25 February at 11 a.m. Follow our official pages for details!

Promote Ukraine Team

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