Marta Barandiy, president of Promote Ukraine, gave a speech on the challenges that Ukraine and Europe will face in 2024. Even though, in European discourse, talks about the end of the war are circulating, this doesn’t look like the end of the war at all. Missiles are still targeting civilians every day, children don’t have a home to come back to, and some of them will forever forget that they are Ukrainians.

“This war extends across borders. Even if not looking the same way, but in the form of economic blackmail and cyber and information attacks, it influences the European agenda. The possibility of military intervention by Russia to European states exists, which is proven by many NATO generals. For everyone, who doesn’t believe in it – we didn’t believe in the possibility of a large-scale war two years ago as well,” said Marta Barandiy.

“Visiting European parties meetings, I was very disappointed; Ukraine was barely mentioned, despite the big role it plays in terms of protecting Europe,” she said.

The speech was finished by expressing gratitude to everyone supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians, considering friends of our organisation. The threat is serious and shouldn’t be overlooked!

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Promote Ukraine Team

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