The speech by Promote Ukraine founder Marta Barandiy at the National demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine.

On 24 February 2022, the evil empire launched a deadly attack on the peaceful future of our children. An attack on our dignity and our freedom. Russia mercilessly began to destroy our lives, destroy our homes, massively murder our people, rape our women and kidnap our children. Thousands of war crimes, millions of broken lives, pain and tears, despair and losses. Each word “mother” taken away, each cross on the grave of the father who lies under the flag of Ukraine. This is the Russian world that Russia brings to Ukraine and wants to bring to the world.

But we will not allow this. We stand firmly on our land, protecting the whole world. Our courageous people stopped the second army of the world with bare hands. Their three-day special operation failed. They were wrong. West was surprised. And we withstood. We found allies and we have been giving a worthy rebuff to the invader for a year.

This is not just Russia’s war against Ukraine, it is Russia’s war against the world legal order, against democracy, and against freedom.

We are at war with external enemy who was seducing Ukrainian elites and nurturing an internal enemy for years. This war is a continuation of the Revolution of Dignity against a corrupt system based on codes of the underworld, nepotism, and back door deals.

We said “no” to this system and made our European democratic choice. The choice we are fighting for today and winning. Our land will be cleansed of occupiers, and our government will be cleansed of corruptors and collaborators. “ And on the renovated land, there’ll be no enemy, no rival. There will be son and will be mother, there will be people on the land!”

The empire will fall, justice will be restored. There will be accountability and no one will hide from it.

The world will become even more united for Ukraine. Already 52 world countries have joined NATO and other international organisations to provide humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. Russia will be even more isolated politically and economically.

To do this, we must speak with one voice. We must unite.

There are almost a hundred thousand Ukrainians in Belgium – a huge force that we must use. To protect the interests of Ukraine in the EU together. Ukraine and Ukrainians need each of us who helps. Girls and boys who keep warehouses, make candles, make camouflage nets, send ambulances and equipment for hospitals and the military, organise classes for children and adults, provide psychological help, artists who perform at charity concerts. All of us who hold our front, let’s unite!

This war is a marathon of good and evil. Where evil is united and great, but we are even greater when we are united. Only together we will win. Keep fighting – we are sure to win! God helps us in our fight!

Glory to Ukraine!

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