While we advocated for Western intervention and support for Ukraine from Brussels, Marta Barandiy exemplified proactive engagement. Alongside fellow volunteers, she coordinated the delivery of an ambulance and other essential humanitarian aid directly to the Ukrainian people, showcasing tangible efforts towards our shared victory.

Thank you, Marta, for sending us your words of support, that were read during our march. We all were with you at that moment.

“My heart is with my team today, with all world has changed! Stand up! Protect Europe!’ and with all Ukrainians! For the past week, I have been in Ukraine, and I am still here today. From Lviv to Odesa to Kyiv, delivering humanitarian aid, supporting the efforts of Belgian journalists of La Libre and LN24, arranging meetings, translating, helping Belgian MP Georges Dallemagne to fulfil his mission in building bridges between Belgium and Ukraine for desperately needed jet fighters and air defence systems. The battle for Europe is happening in Ukraine today. We are losing people; the best of the best have already been killed. The moral state of people is getting shaken, but no one is giving up. Ukrainians call themselves “unbreakable.” And when we asked the young Ukrainians what they would tell the Belgian and European youth, all of them said, “Enjoy the life right now;, it may be taken from you tomorrow.” My heart hurts for them, for my motherland, but more than pain, I feel anger. I feel anger of anticipation of the evil moving towards wider Europe and Europeans not realising it fast enough. I cannot help but keep helping Ukrainians to resist. Please, do not let it all come to the point where we will turn to you and tell you, ‘We told you so’”, said Marta Barandiy.

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