Maryna Yaroshevych is Ukrainian. She was born in Kyiv and has been living in Belgium for seven years. She started a family in Brussels. Currently, together with Promote Ukraine, she is organising resistance to “new reality”.

At the age of 20, Maryna studied at the College of Europe in Bruges. Then she moved to Brussels. She works in the non-profit association “Promote Ukraine”, created in 2015 after the Ukrainian revolution and the start of the war in 2014. Her job is to ensure that the voice of Ukrainians and the diaspora is heard by institutions, the EU, and NATO. It was during a charity event that she met her future husband. They got married in Ukraine in 2017.

Promote Ukraine was warning Brussels about the war in Ukraine for years. “Over the years, the interest of European countries in my country has faded. Everyone is tired of it. Ukraine is tired. It seems that the situation is normal. But it has never been so,” Maryna sums up.


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