The Russian invaders attacked almost the entire territory of Ukraine for more than seven hours last night. It was the most massive attack in recent times. Kh-22, Kalibr, Oniks missiles, and Shahed drones were launched. Air defence forces destroyed 37 aerial targets.

There is a video of the launch of missiles in the south of Ukraine from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

In the Odesa district, an industrial facility was hit, where a civilian employee was injured. Two warehouses were also damaged. In Odesa city, six people, including a nine-year-old boy, were injured with broken glass.

At night, the Russians destroyed a hotel complex in Koblevo. Two people were injured.

Kherson city was also struck. The strike was launched on a cultural center and a dormitory.

Moreover, Shahed drones hit the Zhytomyr region! According to preliminary information, an infrastructural object was damaged as a result of the Shahed attack, and there was damage to private households.

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