Meta limited our activity for 30 days because we wrote about the bravest people in the world – the defenders of #Mariupol, the Azov Regiment.

While bravest Azov defends Mariupol city and civilians, literally dying for freedom and the right to live in independent Ukraine, Meta still has the audacity to label it as a “dangerous organization.”

Meta, do you think that it’s ok when ruscist Russian pages write any idiocy (although we all know that Russia has attacked Ukraine and is killing Ukrainians, destroying Mariupol and its Azov defenders)⁉️

But you are not ok when we write about the bravest Azov defenders⁉️
Do you think that’s right?

NO. This is idiocy and you are very, very wrong.

Friends, due to the limitations of our activities, we will be live from our Ukrainian page – Промоут Юкрейн.
Follow the page! Join Europe Day for the Ukraine march and charity concert starting soon!

P.S. Please share and comment on the post so that we can deal with the limitations of META.



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