Microsoft Accuses Russian Intelligence of Series of Cyber Attacks on US Agencies

Cybercrime in work

Microsoft claims the involvement of Russian foreign intelligence in a massive cyber attack on at least nine US government agencies and dozens of private companies.

“We have seen substantial evidence that points to the Russian foreign intelligence agency,” Microsoft President Brad Smith told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

At the same time, US intelligence officials said that the hacking attack was likely of Russian origin.

As a reminder, US government agencies and private-sector firms have been affected by a protracted and comprehensive hacking attack linked to Russian special services. The hacking affected the US Department of the Treasury, the Department of State, the Pentagon, the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), other agencies, and a large number of US companies, including Microsoft.

Later, the US officially found hackers from Russia guilty of cyber attacks on computer networks of the federal government.

Natalia Tolub

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