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Militant kept by Ukrainian military interview (video)

Occupant Donbas weapon

The Donetsk border detachment servicemen found an unknown man at the Berezovo 2 checkpoint. The stranger turned out to be a militant. At first, he tried to escape but was detained, the border guards press service reported.

The detainee said that he accidentally had come across Ukrainian forces checkpoint on the way toward his location. The militant stated that he had joined illegal armed groups at his own accord in 2018. He admitted that he served on the demarcation line within the ZU-23-2 AD system team.

The detainee had documents of the so-called “DNR”, including a passport, a military ticket, a certificate of the war veterans’ fund, as well as a Russian-styled military uniform in a travel bag.

Border guards documented the facts of the detainee’s criminal activity and handed him over to the SBU. The militant was suspected of committing a crime under Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code “A terrorist group or a terrorist organization establishment”.

Natalia Tolub

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