The priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine next year will be launching the Crimean Platform as an element of countering Russian aggression, improving the effectiveness of cooperation with Ukrainian diaspora and engaging in diplomatic work in new geographical areas.

“Of course, the issue of countering Russian aggression on all fronts will be among the priorities for 2021. It will be a year of the launch of the Crimean Platform as a new element in the whole architecture of countering Russian aggression. It will be a year of work with Ukrainians living abroad. We will work seriously to increase the efficiency of relations with Ukrainians abroad,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said during a strategic discussion entitled “Diplomacy 2021: government priorities, expectations of society.”

According to the minister, Ukrainian diplomacy will continue to move along the Asian track and will focus more on Africa.

“We’ve done a lot of analytics on Africa this year, and now these analytics need to turn into politics. And we really believe that we’re going to have important breakthroughs in bilateral relations with a number of countries – a Latin America country and an Asian country,” Kuleba noted.

According to him, another “big intrigue” next year will be Ukraine’s relations with the United States as a bilateral partnership is to be deepened.

Bohdan Marusyak

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