According to updated information, as of 1 October 2020, the balances on accounts of 2,220 health care institutions that provide services under the medical guarantee programme total more than UAH 10 billion. This may attest to inefficient use of health care sector budget funds by these institutions, Deputy Finance Minister Roman Yermolychev said.

In particular, the balances on accounts of four health care facilities exceeded UAH 100 million. These facilities are the following:

  • Lviv Regional Center of Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine (Lviv Region) – UAH 144.3 million
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 4 of Dnipro City Council (Dnipropetrovsk region) – UAH 134.5 million
  • Center of Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine (Kharkiv region) – UAH 122.8 million
  • Severodonetsk City Multidisciplinary Hospital (Luhansk Region) – UAH 105.7 million.

Moreover, the balances on accounts of another 14 health care institutions ranged from UAH 50 to 100 million; in 1,012 institutions more, from UAH 1 to 10 million.

“The Ministry of Finance calls for the most efficient use of funds possible. Every hryvnia of budget funds should work in the interests of citizens in the most efficient way. Given the planned increase in health care spending up to 5% of GDP by 2023, the Ministry of Finance expects all budget managers and recipients in the health care sector to make the most efficient use of every hryvnia received from taxpayers. Patients should know that the state takes care of them,” Roman Yermolychev stressed.

At the same time, the official noted that the Ministry of Health did not use the funds on its accounts as of 1 December 2020 – namely UAH 20.9 billion – showing inefficient use of budget funds.

Natalia Tolub

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