The main task of the developers and creators of “Keep Life” is to provide such points to the entire defenсe line of Ukraine and frontline areas. Mass production is needed to save every life.

On 10 November 2023, the Borys Voznytsky Charitable Foundation presented the “Keep Life” 2.0 unit in Kyiv. This is an advanced mobile surgical stabilisation point that provides professional medical care 24/7 wherever there are no hospitals or there is a need for rapid response to save lives.

Expanding the advantages of the second version of the unit became possible thanks to the analysis of previous experience: the operation of the first version of the stabilisation point in combat conditions. Last year, military doctors from the Zaporizhzhia region worked with the unit, in particular Yurii Bondar, who works at the first point and actively participated in its improvement with the team of the Voznytsky Foundation. He showed us real photos of the work in the first unit. The photos are not for the faint of heart, but they confirm the uniqueness and necessity of this development in risk areas.

Everyone is well aware of the extremely difficult conditions in which combat medics work. Bad roads, shelling of evacuation routes, destroyed medical facilities in the frontline zones, and the danger of losing the wounded. Add to this inappropriate or insufficient medical equipment that prevents maximising care in the first six golden hours.

When developing “Keep Life,” the needs of autonomy and mobility were taken into account. Of the external dimensions, the minimum for such “stuffed” points measuring 7.2*2.5*2.4m, an additional 8 sq.m. of workspace is added during deployment in just five minutes. The complex is mounted on the platform of a 10-tonne vehicle, which easily overcomes broken and missing roads, both assembled and unfolded. In winter, patients can be seen in just 15 minutes, thanks to heating with supply and exhaust ventilation and effective insulation. A 16kW generator, 650l reserve water tank, 360l additional fuel tank, and UPS battery ensure long-term autonomy.

An important improvement is that the point now has two surgical tables. Reception of two patients at the same time significantly increases throughput: it can be up to 60 people per day (taking into account the complexity of the care provided). The unit also has everything that should be at hand in modern surgery: artificial ventilation device, oxygen concentrator, multiparameter monitor, Bowa electrosurgical unit, defibrillator, steriliser, ultrasound, etc.

According to Serhii Nechytaylenko, leader of the development team, the unit can be adapted for other content: dentistry, gynecology, laboratory, or any of the more highly specialised areas.

Both the first and second versions of the surgical stabilisation unit were created and assembled, thanks to the help of foreign and Ukrainian partners and benefactors. Tyingvines USA, ICROSS Canada, Walk with Me, Shipping Compassion Around the World, Diamondback Energy, Charity Fund “Leroy Merlin Solidarity,” Extreme LTD, Telegram channel “Memarnya,” etc. contributed to funding or equipping the “Keep Life” project.

The team sincerely thanks its partners and looks to the future. Now, it’s time to start mass production. It is possible to collect up to 4-5 such modules per month. The mobile surgical stabilisation point “Keep Life” is a state-of-the-art domestic development, cheaper, but more effective than its analogues. “Keep Life” will save thousands of lives. This is proven by the work of the first version. The second one is planned to be delivered to the Donetsk region very soon.

The Borys Voznytsky Charitable Foundation team is asking for production financing and attracting foreign partners, charitable funds, media, large producers, European governmental and non-governmental organisations, and other interested parties to the project.

The Promote Ukraine team is a media partner.

Join the funding if you care about the opportunity to save lives and speed up medical care. Help is as priceless as life.

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