The Operational Command “South” officially announced that as a result of a carefully planned and brilliantly implemented military operation to free the territories of the Kherson region from occupation, Ukrainian units liberated, established, and restored the state flag of Ukraine in eight settlements of the Beryslav district:

  • Liubymivka
  • Khreshchenivka
  • Zolota Balka
  • Biliayivka
  • Ukrainka
  • Velyka Oleksandrivka
  • Mala Oleksandrivka
  • Davydiv Brid

In various areas of the front, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to advance 10 to 20 km. In general, the Ukrainian troops have already liberated more than 50 settlements in the Kherson region.

At the same time, the enemy is trying to hold the occupied territories and focusing its efforts on attempts to disrupt the active actions of the Defence Forces. In some directions, it is regrouping, trying to redeploy reserves, and in some places, leaving positions, withdrawing to a safe distance, destroying its ammunition depots, and trying to destroy bridges and crossings to slow down the pace of the Ukrainian troops’ advance.

The enemy is actively conducting aerial reconnaissance, continuing technogenic blackmail and pressure on the civilian population, and striking civilian infrastructure in residential areas of rear settlements. Artillery fire and missile strikes continue to hit the Ukrainian positions.

Natalia Tolub

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