Almost a year after the murder of a 5-year-old boy, Kyrylo Tlyavov, in the Kyiv region by drunken police, the Pereyaslav inter district court began hearing the case. Only one of the four accused remains in the pre-trial detention center – former policeman Ivan Prykhodko, the others – Volodymyr Petrovets and Dmytro Kryvosheya – have been released on bail and are charged with “Hooliganism”. Also under the personal obligation is the minor son of Petrovets who took part in shooting on banks.

Local Members of City Council (deputies) are defending the suspects, they are demanding that Prykhodko be released on bail too.

The case is moving with a squeak, and the main evidence has not been found – the weapon from which the child was killed. According to Kyrylo’s family’s lawyers, the DBR is doing nothing to find her.

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The defendants deny everything

The child’s grandmother Oleksandra Mykolayivna lives with one hope – that the murderers of her little grandson will be punished. The pensioner has already “memorized” the Criminal Code, she knows every page in the multi-volume case of Kyrylo’s death.

Last week, a regular court hearing was held, at which the case was considered for the first time in fact.

“Now the investigation of the case materials is underway. The court has considered the protocol of the inspection of the scene, the protocol of the search of the premises where Petrovets and Prykhodko live. The defendants deny everything, claiming that these are wrong accusations and that they do not live there. They don’t admit the guilt, instead, they want to make us guilty! Of what are we guilty? That our child was killed? Our angel is already in the ground, and they live,” – Oleksandra Mykolayivna speaks while crying.

We remind, that on May 31, 2019, drunken cops of Pereyaslav Volodymyr Petrovets and Ivan Prykhodko, and also their friend Dmytro Kryvosheya and the minor son of Petrovets Stanislav arranged “entertainment”. They shot at bottles right in the city, where children were playing about a few dozen meters away. One of the bullets hit Kyrylo in the head. Despite all the efforts of doctors, the boy died.

DBR doesn’t want to look for weapons?

The case was investigated by the State Bureau of Investigation. However, despite all the assurances of the former head of the department Roman Truba, the main evidence has not yet been found – weapons. One of the lawyers of the Tlyavov family, Andriy Levkovets, believes that the DBR did nothing to find them.

“Ivan Prykhodko is accused of committing the fatal shooting. The others are now charged under the article “Hooliganism”. The accused do not admit guilt and with the help of third parties oppose the establishment of circumstances.

We suspect that they formally detained them because of a great uproar. But at the same time, they did everything to complicate the provability of their crime as much as possible,” Levkovets said.

The defense also has claims against the DBR, which was actually investigating the crime.

“Through the court, we forced the DBR to open proceedings about conceal the crime. They did not want to do it themselves. We wrote a statement, and they did not even think to enter it in the Unified Register of Investigations. The DBR opposed us in every possible way,” the lawyer said.

According to him, the DBR officer could easily find traces of weapons, as it is known for sure which of the police officers went to the crime scene.

“When the team leaves, they sign, and you can find out who was there. It is also possible to find out where they were, where they were moving by geolocation of their phones. To check their calls at this time, who they were contacting, to see the movement of these people. If it turns out that it is one of the relatives of the accused, then everything will be clear. Maybe one of the policemen went there and took the weapon under the guise of inspecting the scene. But the DBR does not want to do that. As well as the issue of involving suspects in the juvenile’s crime,” the lawyer explains.

Ivan Prykhodko is accused of committing the fatal shooting. The others are now charged under the article “Hooliganism”. The accused do not admit guilt and with the help of third parties oppose the establishment of circumstances.We suspect that they formally detained them because of a great uproar. But at the same time, they did everything to complicate the provability of their crime as much as possible” 

Members of the City Council took the side of the defense

Interestingly, Members of the City Council also defend those accused of killing the child. According to another Tlyavov lawyer, Oleksandr Shcherbyna, a group of politicians wanted to take them on bail at the stage of their detention.

And at the last meetings, they demanded to release Prykhodko from custody.

Among the “defenders” are deputies of the city council Vladyslav Yudenko (“New Faces”) and Mykola Gura (“Samopomich”), deputy of the district council of Pereyaslav Volodymyr Makarchuk (Agrarian Party). Maryna Navalna, a deputy of the Pereyaslav City Council, also wanted to join them. However, in conversation with OBOZREVATEL, she declared that as a result didn’t begin to support the colleagues and didn’t come to court.

But Vladyslav Yudenko explained his position: “It’s no secret, I was approached as a deputy by relatives of Ivan Prykhodko, and our city is small, I know him. I understand that this incident happened due to carelessness, unfortunately, it led to tragedy. It’s a pity the child can’t be returned. But as a lawyer, I understand what it’s like to take on bail. During the quarantine, all those arrested, even murderers, rapists, and maniacs, were temporarily released under house arrest. We do not sign under the innocence of these people, we just ask to release one person for the time of quarantine”.

One of the accused is driving past the house of the family of the murdered child

But the deputies did not stop there. For example, after a court released a former police officer from Petrovets on bail, Volodymyr Makarchuk hired him as a driver for his firm.

“Not only did he hire, but under this reason, they asked the court to allow to Petrovets to leave the city borders,” says Kyrylo’s grandmother.

According to the woman, Petrovets now drives near their house several times a day. “I worked for Makarchuk for four years. I asked him in court: “Aren’t you ashamed to defend the people who killed my grandson?'” He just shrugged. Now the lawyers say that their clients simply did not know the area. How did they not know if they went to the canteen in the area every day for lunch? They bought a set of lunch here. They know the area very well,” says Oleksandra Tlyavova.

Five lawyers undertook to defend the accused, one of them a well-known Viktor Chevguz.

“In court, this lawyer told me: “What do you want? If they are acquitted, then maybe they will ask forgiveness to you”. That’s how they behave. The mother of a minor once said in the courtroom: “We still need to see who is the victim here. How can this be taken out? As I come from the court, I do not sleep at night. My angel is in the ground, and they are here,”- the grandmother cries.

Before the court hearing on May 29, Prykhodko’s mother even managed to accuse Kyrylo’s grandmother of improper care for her grandson. She also claims that her son is being tried demonstratively as a “policeman” to put a tick in the DBR. She is convinced that there are many more guilty people in the case.

Maryna Petik


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