Ukrainian Strikes in Crimea

  • After a deadly Ukrainian strike on a strategic port in occupied Crimea, Russia’s Defense Ministry blamed the United States, saying that the missiles used were U.S.-provided Army Tactical Missile System rockets.  The rockets were intercepted over Sevastopol, but fragments led to casualties on the ground (NBC News; see also Reuters).

“Ukraine’s Survival Hinges on Sustained, Long-Term Support”

  • The European Policy Center writes that, in economic terms, Ukraine “needs predictable, sustained, long-term support.”  Right now, conferences like the Berlin recovery conference and G7 Summit are resulting in important outcomes, but Ukraine needs more predictable finance, foreign market access, and rapid delivery of weapons and air defense systems (European Policy Center).

“Massive Attack” on Ukraine Energy Facilities

  • For the eighth time in the last three months, Russia has launched a “massive attack” on Ukrainian energy facilities.  Air defense systems shot down 12 of 16 missiles and all thirteen drones (Politico; see also AP News).

Ukraine and Moldova EU Membership Talks

  • Ukraine and Moldova will begin EU accession talks on Tuesday in Luxembourg with separate intergovernmental conferences.  Both Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and Moldovan President Maia Sandu welcomed the beginning of talks (Politico; see also Euractiv, Euractiv). 
President of the European Council Charles Michel President of the Republic of Moldova Mayei Sandu

Aid to Ukraine

  • Romania agreed to send a full Patriot air defense system to Ukraine to bolster its defenses with the condition that the United States covers the gap (Politico).
  • A draft statement by the EU reveals that EU leaders will call for increased military aid to Kyiv to help combat Russian attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure.  The draft reads that “As Ukraine exercises its inherent right to self-defense, the European Council calls for stepping up the delivery of military support to Ukraine.  In particular, air defense systems, ammunition, and missiles are urgently needed to protect Ukraine’s population and critical energy infrastructure” (Politico).
  • The United States revealed a $1.5 billion package at the Ukraine peace summit to supply energy and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.  The package includes $500 million in new funding for energy assistance and redirecting a previously announced $324 million towards emergency energy funding (Politico).
  • Ukraine says a nation in the Global South could host the second peace summit after more than 90 countries attended the first summit in Switzerland (Reuters).
  • The United States said that Ukraine’s military can use longer-range missiles provided by the United States to strike targets inside Russia beyond the front lines if it is acting in self defense (AP News; see also Euractiv).
MIM-104 Patriot

Sanctions Against Russia

  • The EU approved sanctions against Russia’s gas sector for the first time (Politico; see also Reuters, Euractiv).
Sanctions against Russia

Ukraine Peace Summit

  • In Switzerland, Kyiv managed to get the majority of participants at its peace summit on board with its 10-point peace formula as the framework for further negotiations.  However, Russia-leaning countries like Saudi Arabia, India, and South Africa are not supporting the final declaration (Politico; see also Euractiv).
  • China did not attend Ukraine’s pace summit and put pressure on other countries to also not attend (EU Observer).

Attacks on Ukraine

  • Two people were injured during an attack on Kyiv.  Three missiles were launched by Russia, and two were destroyed over the Kyiv region (Reuters).
  • Russian aerial bombing killed at least one person on June 23, while six people and over 100 were wounded in Ukrainian drone and missile attacks on Sunday (AP News).

NATO and Ukraine

  • Ahead of the Washington summit in July, NATO is looking to deliver more than a political support package for Ukraine.  However, it is unlikely that Ukraine will be offered a formal invitation for membership (Euractiv).
Ukraine -NATO

Author: Sophie Adams-Smith, Media Analyst, Promote Ukraine

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