The NATO Parliamentary Assembly called for the creation of a special international tribunal for Russia’s aggression and designated Russia as a terrorist state.

“All 30 NATO Member States supported the proposals put forward by our delegation. Such a tribunal will make it possible to convict not only the direct perpetrators of war crimes but also the senior leadership of the Russian Federation. The resolution will be sent to the governments and parliaments of all NATO Member States,” said Yehor Chernev, Head of Ukraine’s Permanent Delegation to NATO PA.

He added that the resolution also took into account other suggestions made by the Ukrainian side:

– Increase in arms supplies to Ukraine.

– Development of specific steps regarding Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

– Creation of a mechanism for collecting reparations from the Russian Federation for damages caused to Ukraine.

Moreover, the delegates pointed out that the Ukrainian army will definitely strengthen NATO and, therefore, Ukraine’s membership is desirable and important for the Alliance itself.

The resolution also enshrined the principle that NATO will support Ukraine as long as it takes.

“The adoption of the resolution is an important political step that reflects the sentiments of Western parliamentary circles and, therefore, influences the decision-making of the leadership of the countries,” the Head of Ukraine’s Permanent Delegation to NATO PA summed up.

Natalia Tolub

Photo credit: Yehor Chernev’s Facebook page

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