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Promote Ukraine Organises Visit for Ukrainian Youth to European Institutions

NGO “Promote Ukraine” is organising a visit for Ukrainian youth to the main EU institutions involved in the EU decision-making process: the Council of the European Union, European Parliament and European Commission. The visits will take place in Brussels in April and May.
During these visits you will be able to:
– Visit places where EU decisions are taken;
– Learn the working processes of the main EU institutions;
– Have a Q&A session with the EU experts.
We are happy to announce the opening of the registration for our third and last visit. We are going to visit the European Parliament on 18 May. The visit will start at 14.00 and will last for two hours. We encourage Ukrainian youth, aged between 15 and 25 years old and interested in international relations, Euro Integration, and politics, to register for a visit. To participate, please fill out this form:
ATTENTION: for the visit, be sure to bring with you the Annex 15 or card A you received after the registration in Belgium, as well as the UA international or internal passport.


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