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Nothing Can Stop the Idea When Its Time Has Arrived: On the Political Frontline of the Russian War against Ukraine

“Nothing can stop the idea when its time has arrived!
We are now on the political frontline of the Russian war against Ukraine. I would like the leaders of the European Union to know: You are at the right time in the right place – in the history of Ukraine and the European Union! Take the right decision! If Ukrainian dignity, Ukrainian fight, our fight for every life and Ukrainian values ​​do not convince you to take the right decision, then nothing will prove that you defend European values!” – Marta Barandiy, founder of Promote Ukraine.

Today is an extremely important day! The day when the historic choice arose! And we hope that the Council of the European Union will take the right decision!

Ukraine must be granted the status of a candidate for EU membership!

This decision has been on the horizon for a long time! But Ukrainians continue to prove every day that European values ​​are an integral part of their lives! So, it’s time to acknowledge and support Ukraine!!!

Waiting for good news from Brussels! Vote for Ukraine! Vote for freedom and democratic values!

Anna Melenchuk Yana Brovdiy Eumans Virginia Fiume Ivan Zinchenko Andrea Castagna Jose Bruxelles Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium Міністерство закордонних справ України / MFA of Ukraine Olga Stefanishyna Olena Kuzhym Lesya Magas


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