We, Promote Ukraine, a Belgium-based NGO, work tirelessly to protect the interests of Ukraine, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity. Taking into account the recent events related to the activisation of citizens of the Russian Federation in Brussels and the provision of a platform for negotiations by European institutions, we openly declare our goals and demands.

We believe the only result should be a complete victory of Ukraine and a complete defeat of Russia.

This includes several key aspects:

  • Withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of military operations. We insist on the complete restoration of the state border between Ukraine and Russia.
  • Restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and confirmation of its borders in accordance with the United Nations Charter.
  • Justice and fairness. We demand the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute Russian war crimes.
  • Release of all prisoners of war and deportees. We insist on the immediate and full release of prisoners of war and the return of children illegally deported to Russia.
  • We demand security guarantees for Ukraine from the international community, Ukraine’s entry into NATO, as well as the democratic transformation of the Russian Federation, its decentralisation, and the legal liability for officials, diplomats, civil society activists, and public figures who i supported the war against Ukraine in any way.
  • We demand compensation and reparations from the Russian Federation for all the damage caused to Ukraine.
  • Food security. We consider it necessary to protect and ensure the export of Ukrainian grain to the poorest world countries.
  • Energy security. We lay emphasis on the establishment of price caps on Russian energy resources and the provision of assistance to Ukraine in the restoration of its energy infrastructure.
  • Prevention of ecocide. We consider it necessary to protect the environment through demining and restoration of water treatment facilities. We demand compensation for the damage caused to the ecosystem of Ukraine by the actions of the Russian Federation, including but not limited to: blowing up the Kakhovka HPP dam, capturing and mining the Zaporizhzhia NPP, destroying and contaminating fertile lands, destroying flora and fauna.
  • Confirmation of the Victory of Ukraine. We demand the signing of a document confirming Ukraine’s victory by all parties concerned.

Promote Ukraine is one of the organisations that publicly declares this and works to achieve such a result. Tactical cooperation with other counterparties for this purpose is an integral part of the future we are building.

We place responsibility not only on the Kremlin but also on the entire population of the Russian Federation for the aggression against Ukraine and the genocide of Ukrainians. We support the state policy of Ukraine regarding those citizens of the Russian Federation who fight on the side of Ukraine as part of the defence forces, carry out sabotage and reconnaissance work in the interests of Ukraine, or assist the defence forces of Ukraine with material and technical means. We openly declare this in all circles, in particular, in the circles of European liberal forces, which are friends of Ukraine, but, nevertheless, place the blame exclusively on the Kremlin.

Ukrainians picketed the European Olympic Committee in Brussels

Promote Ukraine operates in the environment of different views of partners and allies of Ukraine, which are united by the same goals described above. Therefore, cooperation with these partners requires access to information and access to discussion platforms to prevent the spread of Russian narratives or double interpretation. We communicate our goals on all the platforms we create or are invited to, and we prove it every day. We see the need to reach different audiences in order to ensure the transmission of those messages that reflect our goal: the complete defeat of the Russian Federation and the collective responsibility of the citizens of the Russian Federation.

Promote Ukraine positions itself as a non-political organisation. We adhere to European democratic rights, freedoms, and values, including pluralism of opinion. Therefore, we hold meetings with politicians, activists, and opinion leaders of various orientations. Sometimes, we do not agree with the declared ideas and opinions of the people presented if their goals and purpose are different from those described above, which we openly declare during personal discussions.

We at Promote Ukraine believe that our strength lies in the unity of Ukrainian society and remain open to constructive dialogue. NGO Promote Ukraine remains committed to the above goals, our work, and struggle for the good of the Ukrainian people and the victory of Ukraine.

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