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Donation of 10,000 Euros Received from SLAVONIC EUROPE s.r.l. on Ukraine Independence Day

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, we received a donation of 10,000 euros from SLAVONIC EUROPE s.r.l. within the project Lusatia Glow. We want to thank you for this contribution and report that all the money was used for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are protecting Ukraine from the brutal Russian invasion and have been confidently kicking the ass of the Russian army for the last week.

With these funds, we purchased:
35 pairs of tactical headphones to protect our defenders from contusions,
21 pairs of high-quality tactical gloves made of material specially developed to prevent cuts,
28 pairs of high-quality tactical shoes,
8 sleeping bags that ensure a comfortable sleep from -18 to -40 degrees.

You show how to properly support Ukraine, its Armed Forces, and Ukrainians.
Thank you very much. Together, we will win.🤝👊💪

Donate here (for Europeans)👉
Donate here (for Ukrainians)👉
Аlso make donations in form of goods, contact us by email👉
We will provide you all the necessary information

Glory to Ukraine !!!Glory to Ukrainian Army!!!


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